PROJECTS OF THE EVERYDAY is OSCA’s ongoing commissioning program that engages artists and the community in innovative spaces of making and experimentation.

PROJECTS OF THE EVERYDAY offers innovative South Australian artists long term on-site artist residencies to research, develop and present participatory projects that can bring about a greater understanding and awareness of the impact arts and culture can play in the everyday.

PROJECTS OF THE EVERYDAY simultaneously seeds, develops and presents artist-led projects in a model responsive to local ideas and situations and includes a series of walks, films, installations, music events, community and artist forums, talks and workshops.

Major project outcomes are the final creative development of site-specific community based initiatives and champion OSCA’s interest to develop new forms of presentation that are then open to sector sharing and discussion.


Creek Lore by Laura Wills was a weekend of guided walks along First Creek  involving the community to discusses public and private land ownership and share their ideas and experiences of the creek. MAY 2017

Foragers, Weed Gardens and Gatherings (FWG) –  Through a series of community focused workshops, gatherings, foraging expeditions, recipe exchanges and art events, FWG explores and celebrates contemporary and historical knowledge and use of local, native and imported vegetables, flowers, weeds and greens. NOVEMBER 2017

Gardens Dont Lie by Mona Khizam engages with ideas about how our gardens reveal who we are. A pre-screening of the film made about Indigenous gardener Norris Ginger took place during the recent SAGA – International Woman’s Film Festival that was initiated by Mona. The completed 30minute documentary film exploring 4 local gardens and their caretakers will premiere in late SEPTEMBER 2018.

Suburban Guitar Club by Matt Timmis a new work in development for 2019. More info coming soon

Monumental Appeal by Ben Leslie involves the greater community of Port Adelaide in the development of a set of public sculptures that traverse the line between participatory public monument, placemaking and playground equipment. An accompanying series of Port Adelaide community workshops will address the use of recycled materials in their creation. In development.