OSCA – Open Space Contemporary Arts is seeking participants for our 2019 Artist in Residence program with visiting German artist Ella Ziegler. 


MUNDANE POETRY: Transforming everyday sites into opportunities for playful artistic expression

3 – 7 June / 10am – 4 pm

Location: Fontanelle Gallery and surrounds, 175 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide

MUNDANE POETRY brings to attention the poetic and multi-layered phenomena that surround us in everyday life. Its aim is to bring focus to what we sometimes ignore and overlook in our daily routines.

The work of Ella Zeigler is highly regarded internationally within the field of interventional art practices in the public domain. This week-long workshop will take as a starting point, her innovative approaches that utilise performance and visual art strategies, to creatively transform mundane spaces into dynamic spaces of playful artistic expression.

This workshop is for anyone interested in creating temporary art works in public spaces.

To register and for more information please contact [email protected]

or call her on: 0413 754 129

You can also download the call out here

Using a wide range of artistic methods, Ella’s interdisciplinary observations and reflections lead us through a variety of social situations where she highlights, questions and renegotiates the importance of individual participation in public space by means of context-based actions and performances. Ella’s idiosyncratic practice is simple and radical at the same time, inspiring wonder, provoking curiosity and making us think differently about what we previously considered ordinary.

This project has been funded by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.