Mutton Cove Chair Walking, is an interactive performance, a video/photo image work by the artists, Cynthia Schwertsik and Jennifer Hofman as well as a soundscape of collected stories that relate to the history of Mutton Cove by Janine Peacock. Mutton Cove Chair Walking is both a pre-cursor to a major work located on the northern end of Lefevre Peninsula and a stand-alone project. Public presentations of the outcomes will occur in Sept/Oct 2018. Final dates and location to be confirmed in late August.

Mutton Cove Chair Walking is an invitation to discover a neighbourhood through unconventional measures. This performative intervention is a tool to make visible that the area is playful and there is much is to be discovered just around the corner. The marks left on the wetland will soon be washed away, but there will be memories that extend the history and public use of Mutton Cove.’ Cynthia Schwertsik

Supported by the City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s LANDSCAPE STORIES initiative.