FORAGERS, WEED GARDENS AND GATHERINGS is a community based art project about gardens, plants, weeds and their use.

The best place to forage is your own back-yard – Diego Bonetto

Foragers, Weed Gardens and Gatherings (FWG) is a community based art project about untapped resources and new ways of coming together. Through a series of community focused HOW TO workshops, gatherings, expeditions, exchanges and art events across October, FWG will unearth, explore and celebrate contemporary and historical knowledge and use of local, native and imported vegetables, flowers, greens, weeds and their use. By revaluing the use of untamed areas and the foods that grow there, and by fostering local networks and local knowledge within artistic frameworks, FWG will cultivate new understandings and lived knowledge of ones environment to support well-being and reignite a sense of value, purpose, collectivity and cohesion within the cultural diversity of Semaphore.

FWG has been initiated and guided by local community members, participating artists and OSCA who have been gardening out of St Bedes Community Garden since 2015.

A final event entitled FINDERS SHARERS, at the St Bede’s Garden, Semaphore on the 12th of Nov will bring together the workshop outcomes and locally sourced food stocks alongside participants working across sustainable urban practices of food, nutrition, fashion and art production in an inaugural Spring community gathering and celebration. DOWNLOAD the web-flyer  HERE

FINDERS SHARERS will feature art works by Laura Wills and Diego Bonetto, a ‘zine’ publication, tea blending, foraged and ‘as found’ food tasting, along with experts in bee keeping and organic, sustainable gardening on site to answer any questions posed by the public.

For more information on the workshop series in October and masterclass opportunities with Diego Bonetto in Nov respectively please email Janine on [email protected]

Download the information HERE on the neighbourhood walk with Diego on the 5th Nov at 10am.

This project is supported by The Australian Council and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield through its Community Grants program.