Ben Leslie is an Adelaide based artist / curator and founding co-director of Fontanelle Gallery and Studios. He has a Masters of Research in Visual Art and currently holds a position as lecturer at the University of South Australia School of Art. His sculptural practice has a particular concern with the studio’s ongoing playful relationship with art historical contexts, and explores a recent return to art making at the level of first order experience. He has exhibited solo shows at CACSA, FELTspace, Fontanelle, West Space (Melbourne) and featured in numerous curated exhibitions.

Ben has curated numerous projects and has held various professional positions in the Adelaide art scene, including gallery manager at the AEAF where he is also an official AEAF Ambassador. His role at Fontanelle has involved continual community engagement through their workshop platform, including the workshop series Colour Me with the Wesley Uniting Cares’ Young Carers group, which resulted in a large-scale abstract mural on the side of their Bowden facility.