”MONGO” is slang for garbage salvaged from streets and trash heaps. Any rubbish can qualify, whether it’s edible, wearable, useful or indescribable. By definition, somebody must have thought it was worthless

Francois Knoetze’s work combines direct commentary to issues of sustainability, use and reuse as approachable and poetic art making. His practice retraces the life cycles of discarded objects and explores junctures between material and social histories. In his Mongo suits, the synthetic is welded to the human – bringing focus to the objectification of persons, through the personification of objects.

These collaborative workshops aim to stimulate and support the skills development of local SA artists whose visual and performance based practices explore ecological/environmental issues and incorporate the use of recycled and found materials in their processes and outcomes.

FREE Roaming street presentations of created Mongo suits will take place on Sat 24th February at the Port Fringe Festival and on the 3rd March in and around  SMOCK, Hindley st, Adelaide. An exhibition of the created Mongo suits will also remain on display at SMOCK till the 25th March, 2018.  Please contact Paul Gazzola on 040 395 9716 for more info on times and locations.

Listen to the interview with Francois on Radio National here

Background – In 2016, the newly appointed OSCA artistic directorate renewed an interest in the development of contemporary forms of roaming performance work and community engaged workshops with a specific focus on sustainable practices within the urban domain. In 2018, our programming will focus on artists and projects that tackle issues of environmental sustainability and the local ecology.

The opportunity to connect with KESAB and the best practice innovative recycling industry hub based in Port Adelaide, coupled with the confirmed support of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and City of Adelaide will access and generate benefits and connections for the participating SA artists well into the future.

Lead workshop artist: Francois Knoetze / Participating artists: Bob Daly, Chelsea Farquhar, Lee Gurling, Michelle Jahn, Heidi Kenyon, Mieke Kriegesvelt, Jane Macilwain, Nikki Manning, Kaspar Schmidt Munn, Emma O’Neil, Rosina Possingham, Kelly Reynolds, Cinzia Schincariol, Cynthia Schwertsik, Matt Shilcock, Jane Skeer, Kathryn Sproul, Henry Jock Walker, Laura Wills, Trevor Wren, Greta Wyatt and Emmaline Zanelli.

This project has been supported by Arts SA, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the City of Adelaide.


NEWSFLASH: Francois in association with OSCA is also presenting a suite of his Mongo suits that were made in South Australia, as part of Around the Park events at WOMADelaide 9 -12 March 2018. You can check out his artist page on the WOMAD site here or download a PDF of the daily timetable for the festival here